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IR Taps


The Novatap and Vectatap are deck-mounted chrome basin outlets, supplied with sensor and control unit.

How it works

The flow of water from the taps is turned on when the user presents their hands to the infrared sensor which is located on the lower body of the Novatap and Vectatap. No contact is required. When the user’s hands are moved away the flow of water stops after a 2 second delay.

Reducing water wastage

On average, basin spouts deliver 8 litres of water per minute (BMA). Installing Cistermiser 3.5 litre per minute spouts can save up to 6 litres per use, saving over 80% during a 12 month period.

Specification Information
  • Both the water flow run-on time and the sensor range between the tap and the user’s hands are fully adjustable.
  • The taps automatically switch off after 60 seconds of continuous flow, preventing any water wastage if there is attempted vandalism. 
  • To prevent the potential build-up of stagnant water, which can create legionella bacteria growth, the products incorporate a hygiene rinse option which operates 12 hours after the last use of the tap. 
  • The units can be powered by either mains or batteries, with both options included as standard. 
  • Also available is a multi-product power supply unit (PSUC) which provides power for up to 20 taps (Only 1 fused spur required). 
  • Additional customised settings are obtainable via a hand held remote control Infrared Configuration Unit (ICU), which is available as an optional extra. The remote controller enables rapid automatic configuration to the specific washroom dimensions and deactivation of the hygiene rinse function. 


3.5 litres per minute

The Water Regulations require that the flow rate of a tap does not exceed 3.6 litres per minute where basins have no plug. The Cistermiser taps, with a 3.5 litres per minute limit ensures compliance in such applications. This model of flow restrictor is non-aerated and thus suitable for high risk applications such as medical facilities and care homes where the risk to users of legionella and other water-carried respiratory contracted viruses/bacteria is high.


Aerators / nozzles

Cistermiser Taps  are supplied with interchangeable nozzle / aerators to allow the outlets to be configured to either a 3.5 or 5 litres per minute flow rate.


Case Studies

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