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Easyflush is a hands-free and water-conserving WC cistern flush and fill valve, suitable for concealed or exposed cisterns

How it works

Easyflush Wave is operated by the user bringing their hand close to an infrared sensor. The dual flush mode enables the user to select either a part or full flush by the length of time their hand is in front of the sensor.

For a part flush the hand is held in front of the sensor for up to one second and, for a full flush, over

one second. Easyflush Walkaway is normally activated by the user standing up or leaving the cubicle; however, it can also be activated by the user bringing their hand toward the sensor. 

The Walkaway version comes with the dual flush factory programmed. A part flush will be delivered if the user departs from the cubicle within 40 seconds and a full flush will be delivered if the user departs after 40 seconds

  • Infrared sensor operated WC cistern flush valve
  • Defaults to part flush as low as 2 litres for maximum water savings
  • No-touch means no cross-contamination; hygienic
  • Installer programmable flush volumes; improved water economy
  • Flush (outlet) and delayed action fill (inlet) valves combined in one unit
  • Available in active (‘wave’) or passive (‘walkaway’) mode
  • BREEAM Wat 01 compatible product
Reducing water consumption - on every flush.

Installing a Cistermiser Easyflush can save up to  162,000 litres per year as shown below

Specification Information
Delayed action valve operating sequence

The inlet float valve operates with a delayed action, which only allows the cistern to begin refilling after it has been completely emptied and the outlet valve has closed. This patented feature prevents an increase in the volume of water per flush. In other systems water can enter the cistern before the outlet valve has closed, thus increasing the volume of water per flush.

Product Information
  • Both the Wave and Walkaway sensors meet the DDA requirements and are Part M compliant.
  • Easyflush is two interlinked valves in one: a lift/drop valve which empties the cistern and a
  • delayed action float valve which controls refilling.
  • It also includes an integral overflow pipe to prevent flooding.
  • The compact single-piece unit is located over the outlet by a bayonet-type locking device which simplifies installation.
Case Studies

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Specification Information

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