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Easyflush Direct


Easyflush Direct is an electronic flushing system for WCs that removes the need for a WC cistern, by taking its water feed straight from the mains supply. 

How it works

Easyflush Direct includes a valve, DC pipe interruptor and sensor.

When the sensor is activated, the valve is activated for between 2 and 3.5 seconds, supplying water to flush the WC direct from the mains water supply. After this period the valve closes and the flush is complete, but can be activated again immediately.

There are two versions to suit different applications: 

Easyflush Direct Wave is operated by the user bringing their hand towards the infrared sensor. A part flush is triggered by holding one’s hand in place near the sensor for about 1 second and a full flush is triggered by a slightly longer hand pass.

Easyflush Direct Walkaway is activated when the user stands up or leaves the cubicle but it can also be activated by the user bringing their hand toward the sensor. A part flush is triggered by short user occupancy and a full flush by long user occupancy (over 45 seconds).


  • No cistern required – saves space
  • No inlet valves – reduced installation cost
  • No cistern refill – immediate re-flush for busy areas
  • Infrared sensor operated
  • Hygiene flush to maintain cleanliness
  • Range of flow rates
  • Compliant with Water Regulations. WRAS approved
  • BREEAM Wat 01 compatible product 
Specification Information
Effective flushing

To achieve an effective and efficient flush the water system needs to deliver at least 90 lpm (litres per minute). Typically this would require that the dynamic water pressure, measured before the valve, is at least 2bar. If 90 lpm cannot be achieved, the flush will be less effective and a longer flush duration or multiple flushes may be required. This can result in water wastage.

If the water flow rate exceeds 150 lpm, splashing from the WC bowl may occur. Easyflush Direct is fitted with a flow regulator that will limit the flow rate to 100 lpm. However, additional flow regulators for 90 lpm and 125 lpm are included, to regulate the flow rate further, if required.

These flow regulators are coloured coded:

Dark blue: 90 lpm

Black: 100 lpm (fitted as standard)

White: 125 lpm 

The graph below shows the approximate flow rates at a range of dynamic pressures.

Case Studies

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Specification Information

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