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Direct Flush


Direct Flush is an infrared sensor controlled urinal valve

The Direct Flush automatically flushes the individual urinal after use, ensuring the highest level of hygiene from the minimum volume of water. Direct Flush removes the need for the auto-flush cistern and associated plumbing used in traditional urinal installations, which flush all urinals intermittently even if they have not all been used.

The cost effective solution to maximise urinal hygiene and water economy

How it works

The Direct Flush infrared sensor detects the user at the urinal bowl and flushes 2 seconds after the user departs.  If a user is detected whilst the water is flushing, the flush is automatically arrested to prevent splashing and wastage.

The flush duration is adjustable which ensures that only the minimum amount of water necessary is used.

If there has been no use of the urinal for 12 hours, the direct flush automatically runs a hygiene flush to prevent odours and the build-up of uric acid in the pipework.

  • Designed for urinals flushing directly from the mains cold water supply
  • No cistern required
  • Only flushes urinal bowl after use
  • Vandal-resistant – valve totally concealed
  • Hygiene flush for periods of non-use
  • Adjustable flush duration and range
  • Discreet and Accessible fitting options
  • Mains and battery powered options included
  • Ensures compliance with Water Regulations
  • BREEAM Wat 01 compatible product
  • On DEFRA’s ECA Water Technology List; purchase and installation are tax deductible
Reducing water wastage and costs, ensuring hygiene

Uncontrolled urinals may flush constantly regardless of use, wasting thousands of litres of water per year and costing hundreds of pounds per year.

The Direct Flush is activated after every use of the urinal but flushes as little as 0.5 litre at a time. Cistermiser has calculated savings of 134,000 litres and up to £312 per year where a Direct Flush has been installed.

Specification Information
  • Direct Flush includes an integral DC pipe interrupter (air gap), enabling the installer to connect it directly to the mains water supply. This provides fluid category 5 back-siphonage protection, without the need for any additional backflow prevention or check valves.
  • Direct Flush can be powered by either mains electricity via the DC transformer or batteries; both options are included as standard. When batteries are fitted the Direct Flush provides a low battery warning indicator.
  • A mains power supply unit (PSUC) which powers up to 20 Direct Flush urinal valves is also available. Only 1 fused spur is required when using this product.
  • Additional customised washroom settings are obtainable via a hand held remote control Infrared Configuration Unit (ICU) which is available as an optional extra. The remote controller enables rapid automatic range configuration to the specific washroom dimensions, deactivation of the hygiene flush function and, where a siphonic trap has been fitted, activation of the trap refill function.
Installation Options

Direct Flush Accessible infrared sensor

The Direct Flush Accessible incorporates the valve and the power options as well as the sensor in a single compact box housing. It can be installed on to either a concealed structural wall / frame or on to the exposed wall panel. It is ideal where access cannot be gained to the wall cavity. The sensor plate can be removed to enable servicing of the valve or battery replacement (if battery powered) in the installed position without the need to remove the panel.

Direct Flush Discreet infrared sensor

The Direct Flush Discreet unit is an alternative installation option where rear access can be gained to the wall cavity for servicing and inspection. The valve is mounted on to the pipework behind the panel or wall together with either the mains supply unit or batteries, while the unobtrusive infrared sensor is installed directly above the urinal bowl.

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