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Improved urinal flushing valve makes water saving simple

Cistermiser has enhanced its infrared urinal flushing (IRC) valve, with the new, re-engineered model due to appear on the shelf almost immediately.

The valve has been upgraded to include a host of features that are designed to make installation and maintenance far easier for plumbers.

They include an array of coloured LEDs that indicate the status of the flow-controlling solenoid valve, the sensor detection mode and low-battery replacement, allowing both installers and users to tell at a glance that everything is working correctly.

Furthermore, the unit can now run on both mains power and batteries so that, in the event of a supply failure, the batteries serve as a back-up power source, saving the job of re-setting the flush valve.

What remains unchanged is the IRC’s ability to reduce water consumption in urinal cisterns by up to 80 per cent, compared to an uncontrolled flush, by using infrared technology to detect movement in the washroom and control flushing.

Its Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor identifies the entry of visitors into the washroom and this in turn activates a solenoid valve allowing water into a urinal cistern.   If no one has been to the washroom for at least 12 hours the IRC® will automatically open the valve for 30 minutes to fill the cistern and rinse the urinals and pipework, to help keep the washroom hygienic and clean.

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