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Hydraulic Valve


The Hydraulic Valve is an automatic urinal flush control valve. The valve uses a simple patented mechanism which prevents water waste by ensuring that the auto-flush cistern is only filled, and can only flush, when the washroom is used.

Reduces water consumption and washroom odours

The Cistermiser Hydraulic Valve is installed on the supply pipe to the urinal cistern. The valve is activated by short-term pressure drops created by use of taps or WCs on the same supply.

The valve is normally closed; when it is activated it opens and water passes to the urinal cistern until the pressures on both sides of the valve are equalised. When the cistern is full, the auto-siphon will flush.

  • Unique patented hydraulic mechanism – no electrical supply or batteries required
  • Industry leader with half a million already installed
  • ‘Fit and forget’ quality and reliability
  • Hygiene flush option for periods of non-use
  • Ensures compliance with the Water Regulations
  • On DEFRA’s ECA Water Technology List; purchase and installation are tax deductible


Specification Information

Three models make up the range of Hydraulic Valves, each suited to a different range of water supply pressure. This table will help to specify the right model for your application.

Hygiene Cycle Option

In buildings where the washrooms are vacant for long periods, a hygiene cycle attachment is available to ensure a regular flush every 12 hours to prevent washroom odours.

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